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How smart is this Smartwatch?

This smartwatch offers state-of-the-art, small-format technology at a very low cost. Why spend a lot of money $ 100 or more on an expensive branded smartwatch when you can buy the best watch for the least amount of money?


This watch is compatible with both Android and iOS and is suitable for both men and women, both younger and older. If you want to monitor your health, this watch offers everything you need. If you want to track your daily activities, this smart watch for women and men offers everything you need.


If you need a smart watch for the sport, this watch also has everything you need for the sport. Keep track of various useful statistics to analyze your training and gather additional information.


Any information that you receive about this watch may ultimately improve your quality of life. All data that you collect with this watch will be stored in your own memory. You can transfer all data to computer as needed and desired, thus saving and analyzing your data.


This watch is available in 5 colors, including the following colors: black, blue, red, purple and green. It is compatible with your smartphone and uses a USB port for data transfer. This smartphone can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Using a smartphone, computer or laptop, you can create an additional connection to transfer the tracking and analysis of your data. The more data you collect, the better you can analyze the success of your workout or monitor your body's vital signs while you work, sleep, or just watch TV.


This Android smartwatch or iOS smartwatch collects all data and instantly displays it on its own 9-inch touchscreen. In this way, all important data and statistics can be read immediately, during use and when needed.


This smartwatch uses an OLED display with vivid colors that you will surely enjoy. It's easy to read and contains everything you need. It is one of the most expensive smartwatches, but costs only a small fraction of expensive smartwatches with identical options and features.



What is the goal of a smartwatch?

The goal of using a smartwatch is to collect relevant information about your physical condition and to monitor and analyze the statistics and data obtained. Each watch has several functions, some watches have more functions, some watches have special functions, but the goal of all watches is usually to collect as much data as possible.


With the data collected, the smartwatch, as well as the computer, analyzes, monitors, stores and generates statistics while you're wearing it on your arm. Every day, all day, it stores this information in your internal memory, so you can track your workouts in the gym, for example.


This smart watch has many features, including tracking the distance you travel while walking or running. In addition, it has a very advanced calorie consumption analysis function. It is also possible to set certain goals!


One of the key features of this watch is the monitoring and recording of your heart. Heart rate monitor while you exercise or sleep! In addition, it is possible to record and analyze your sleep while you sleep. This smart watch monitors your sleep, knowing exactly when to sleep deeply and when to sleep flat.


This invention brings many advantages, smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular and are being used more and more frequently. Having a smart watch and using it can greatly enhance your understanding and attitude to personal health.


Health is the most important thing we have in life. Once we lose our health, all the money in the world does not help us any further. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on new technologies, it is enough to have the right device for the right price. Why pay for expensive brands when you find good alternatives for much less money.


Instead of just buying an expensive watch, some brands like Apple Smart Watch, Samsung Smart Watch, Fitbit Smart Watch, Garmin Smart Watch and other famous watches can buy 10 Smart Watches instead of an expensive one. With the same features and the same capabilities, the same quality for much less money. There are hundreds of different companies that make smart watches. It is unnecessary to worry about buying something. If the watch has all the features as well as expensive watches, why spend more. The time is the same at $ 20, as at $ 200!


For example, a watch that costs $ 20 will have all the features and options of a watch that costs $ 200. It can have the same life and quality as it is microtechnology, there are no moving parts, it's not about machines, it's more about microprocessors and sensors built into smartwatches.



What technology does this Smartwatch have?

This smartwatch is very smart, with a very strong idle processor, a variety of sensors, and advanced features, from technology to software. Among other things, this watch is water and dust-proof and has integrated IP67 protection. Wash your hands or rain at this hour can not do anything!


Other useful features include an integrated memory of vibration messages! Every time you receive a message or a call on your smartphone, it will be displayed on your watch, which you carry with you.


Additional functions such as time display or alarm settings are also integrated. You can even find a smartwatch on your smartphone if you accidentally lose it at home.


It has a built-in timer, remote control, camera access and other similar applications! All connections are made without a cable via a Bluetooth connection. The distance is several meters, so you do not always have your smartphone with you.


The powerful built-in 90 mAh battery allows up to one week of use and stores all the data the smartwatch has captured during operation! Easily and quickly sync data from your watch to your smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet.


This Android / iOS Smartwatch has everything you need! Quality, durability, technology with a fair and really low price. In addition to all these features, this watch has the ability to monitor blood pressure with just one click.


A powerful microprocessor with powerful sensors measures everything with minimal tolerances and maximum precision. This smartwatch consumes very little, is very accurate in all measurements, and very useful for monitoring health status or monitoring specific exercises, workouts, and the like.


Waterproof, dustproof, rainproof, hand washable, made of high quality materials, shockproof, vibration resistant, equipped with intelligent sensors and powerful microprocessors. This smart watch has everything you need at a great price.



Smart watch features in the preview:

  • Pedometer
  • Heart monitoring
  • Measurement of blood pressure
  • calorie measurement
  • Incoming calls
  • Integrated reminder
  • Touch screen
  • Applications
  • sleep monitoring
  • Time display
  • Search option
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Bluetooth
  • camera control
  • alarm
  • and much more…


The ST-17H25 microprocessor's ultra-low-power, 0.96 "TFT display makes this watch perfect for any need.Some of the built-in sensors include: accelerometer, green heart rate monitor, battery level sensor, motion sensor and more ...


The built-in battery is very durable and recharges within only one to two hours. No cable or charging adapter required. The charging process takes place via a simple and convenient USB port. The smartwatch comes in a variety of colors, you can choose from 5 colors, choose the color that you like the most.



SmartWatch technology!

A smartwatch is nothing more than a computer that you can carry with you at all times. Today's smartwatches offer a touchscreen for everyday use. Smart apps make smart watches even smarter! While the first models of smartwatches had only a few basic functions, a digital display of time, date or calendar was also possible.


Newer smartwatches offer a wealth of new features, from simple calculator integration to complex audio-like translation features. For the last 5 years, smartwatches have adopted many of the features of smartphones that are very popular and widely used.


In addition to various applications, WIFI or Bluetooth, some smartwatches offer the ability to stream or listen to media, music, video, and even FM radio. Nowadays everything can be integrated into a smart watch, technology has opened the door for us and offered us a multitude of options and options.


Depending on your preferences and needs, your watch may have various features, such as: A GPS system, microSD cards, internal data storage, digital maps, an integrated organizer, a calculator and much more! Some of the key features of any smartwatch include, but are not limited to, temperature measurements, acceleration measurements, pressure measurements, heart rate measurements, and much more.


In addition, some smartwatches even have a built-in compass, a built-in small speaker, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, and more! Nowadays it's a smart watch, a mini version of a computer with various additional features.



History of Smartwatches!

The first smartwatch was made in 1972, it was the Pulsar smartwatch from Mr. Hamilton's factory. You all know Mark Pulsar, today the name of the company is slightly different, only 6 years later the company changed its name from Pulsar to SEIKO!


The first programmable smartwatch was manufactured in 1982 and had its own internal memory. Since microprocessors and computers have been developing at high speed, their existence is due to the invention of the 1947 transistor. In order for a smartwatch or a computer, that is, a processor, to exist and function, it was very important that the first three-electrode active semiconductor element be invented.


The transistor made it possible to control the electric current by changing the input current of the bipolar transistor or the input voltage of the unipolar transistor. The transistor has other functions in some devices used to amplify electrical signals or as a digital electronic switch.


The transistor is today a fundamental element of a modern, advanced or intelligent device, whether it is a computer, a smart watch or a smartphone. Without the invention of the electronic transistor in 1947, all this would not have happened.


The transistors originally consisted of germanium crystals, which were quite large. New state-of-the-art transistors are silicon, while semiconductor technology and a variety of transistor types have made it possible to design and manufacture a smart watch.


SEIKO has developed computers in the form of watches! Development and production of the first simple smartwatches with an external keyboard for data entry and later with an integrated mini keyboard. After that, they continued to develop smartwatches, making it possible to connect to a computer for the first time.


The advancement of computer technology has encouraged SEIKO to develop additional options for its smartwatches! As early as 1985, your watch could be connected to any computer. It had a microprocessor, various applications and a very low resolution (42 x 32) pixel LCD display.



The development of smart watch technology!

We learned that the first smartwatch was made in 1972 and had very small and modest features. Over the years, other companies with great potential for developing new technologies and new discoveries, new functions and new ideas have become involved in this industry.


In 1994, the first smartwatch was invented without wired data technology and communication with a PC. In 1998, the first smartwatch with the Linux operating system was invented. In 1999 SAMSUNG announced the first smartphone watch. It had an antenna and you could talk to it for up to an hour and a half. He also had an integrated microphone and a speaker for the first time!


In the year 2000, IBM experimented with a LINUX operating system and installed it to integrate an accelerometer, a vibration function and a fingerprint function. IBM partners with Citizen Watch Co. Team up to develop the first QVGA 320x240 touchscreen smartphone powered by LINUX 2.4 system.


It had Bluetooth capability, 8 MB of internal memory, and 16 MB of RAM. At this time, about 20 years ago, this clock was sold to students and business people for about $ 400 a piece with only the first simple and basic functions!


Today, 2020, the world's best smartwatches are made by hundreds of smaller and larger companies. The technology continues to evolve and every year we've added some new built-in features and options in our smartwatches.


The time span of the last 20 years, among other things, has contributed much to the development of new innovations, more powerful processors, larger memory, more advanced features and options at much lower prices some time ago. Nowadays, as technology advances so fast, you have the option of buying a smartwatch for as little as $ 20 to $ 30 with tremendous potential.


In the years to come, 2020, 2021, 2022 and so on, we can expect technology to evolve and new and exciting features to take the evolution of smartwatches to a new level.


The future is very promising, there are no limits today, barriers are falling, innovations and patents, new discoveries and inventions bring with them new technologies and opportunities that make our daily lives easier. Everybody should have a smartwatch today. The first smartwatches were very expensive and did not have many options, over time, increasing available features and lowering the price of smartwatches.


Having a smartwatch is normal and useful nowadays, especially if you want to know more about yourself and your health, your body, your heart, your blood pressure ...etc! You do not have to buy expensive smart watches from well-known brands, nowadays the technology is available to everyone, so it is possible to find and buy high-quality smart watches with many different functions at very low prices.


      Smart Watch Features:

  • OLED: 9 inch screen with touch button
  • For exercise & Fitness: distance, calories, fitness goal…
  • Real time: static/dinamic heart rate monitoring
  • Waterproof and Dustproof: IP67 (rain, wahing hands…)
  • Sleep monitoring: Track & Analyze
  • Call / Message Reminder, with vibration
  • Time and alarm clock, anti-lost
  • Camera, remotel control, self timer
  • Bluetooth conection
  • Battery level display

           Smart Watch Specifications:

    • Color: Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Green
    • Display: 0.96“ LED
    • Item Size: 43 x 18 x 10 mm
    • Belt Size: 245 x 20 x 12.8 mm
    • Heart Rate: Monitor
    • Built-in: Vibration
    • Batter Capacity: 90 mAh
    • Charging Time: 1 - 1.5 hours
    • Wireless Distance: m - 1m
    • Standby: 4 - 8 days
    • Compatibility: Android 4.5 and above
    • Compatibility: iOS 8.0 and above
    • Bluetooth Function: 4.0
    • Data Storage: 1 - 7 days
    • Data Synchronization: Bluetooth


      Package includes:
      1 x Smart Watch
      1 x User Manual
      USB Charging

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