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Voice to Voice Translate

Smart Voice to Voice Translator

The new portable multi language smart voice to voice translator is capable of translating in real time, instantly any language, in another language. The best portable voice to voice translator in 2020! Voice to Voice Translate for Android and iOS  with +40 languages in your pocket.


Portable Smart Voice to Voice Translate



  1. 40 languages translation, each language can be translated to each other.
  2. Communicate face to face, and solve communication obstacles.
  3. Intelligent voice recognition technology to make cross language communication easier. 
  4. Translate your speech into high quality foreign language text and transmit into voice output.
  5. Text Translation: Support text to text translation.
  6. Connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allows wireless transmission distance up to 10 meters.
  7. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with most iOS and Android smart phones.
  8. Durable and Rechargeable: Built-in 3.7V 750 mA rechargeable battery, low power consumption.
  9. Small and exquisite: Handheld size, small and portable, so convenient to carry with wherever you go.

      Technical specifications:

      • Wireless: 2.4G Optical
      • Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi
      • Connect to Phone: Bluetooth
      • Wireless Transmission Distance: 10m
      • Voice Recognition Distance: 2m
      • Battery: 3.7V / 750 mA
      • Size: Approx. 4.8 x 1.4 x 0.5 in
      • Package Weight: 130 g

      Package List:

      1 x Translator

      1 x USB Charging Cable

      1 x User Manual


      Supported languages:

      English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, Traditional Chinese, English (China), English (India), Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Korean, Japanese, French, German, French (Canada), Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (International), Hindi (Indian), Turkish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Slovak, Norwegian, Catalan, Croatian.


      Photo translation (just take the photo with your phone, then APP will translate the text above the image to the language).

      Conversational translation (when A speak A language, B will hear B language, all has been translated).

      Translate korean to english


      The best voice translator, your little personal translator!


      Well read, this device translates "audio" voice into the language of your choice, can recognize many languages ​​and translate into the language of your choice in one second!


      Translate English to Hindi with ease in just a second! You can also reverse-translate from Hindi to English within one second.


      Translating English to Hindi for this small portable personal voice translator is no problem. Charge your batteries, take it with you, and translate Hindi into English at a great price in real time.


      This language translator can quickly translate Arabic to English or English to Arabic. It easily translates all other languages, Polish to English, also translates English to Polish in a very short time, in only 1 second.


      Translating from English to Korean or Korean to English works smoothly, difficult and complicated languages ​​for this multi language portable smart voice translator are no problem.


      This device offers free translation, quick translation, using an image from a newspaper or book, or when talking to people in real time, translate anything.

      Translate arabic to english

      Professional voice translator device


      Do you need a Spanish translator? Then this device is ideal for you, it can translate Spanish into any other language, Spanish to English or English to Spanish.


      The real-time translator works wonders, translates every language in the world into English, translates from English into French into Spanish, translates from Spanish into English or from English into German, free of charge and in real time, without waiting times.


      Translate English to Russian or Russian to English. No language is a problem for this small innovative device. English-French translation or French-English translation, whether text or audio, this device can do it all.


      English to French translation with an application built into an intelligent device that allows you to translate French to English.


      The best French translation with the app, the best French translation into English. You don't need a personal assistant or translator app, this device is better than a Google translator or an application available online.


      The French translation app is just one of the hundreds of apps available. The app may be free and may have to pay dearly! Having a separate application for each language is not a solution.


      It is best to have a device that can translate one language into over 40 other popular languages. Applications are not the right solution. This translator offers more than 40 applications on one device because English can be translated into 40 other languages.


      Do you need a French translator? Best English to French translation app? Best English-French translator? Forget Google Translate! This innovative, new, modern device is offered at an affordable price.

      Translate to english

      Mobile intelligent language voice translator (offline)


      This intelligent two way offline voice translator supports 40 different popular languages, and each language can be translated into the language of your choice. You can translate English to Chinese or Chinese to English! You can also translate any other common language in the world. The device recognizes the languages ​​itself. You only have to specify the language you want to translate into.


      If you want to learn languages, this device is ideal for you. If you are planning a trip to a country whose language you don't speak, this device is ideal for you. You can translate Japanese to English or English to Japanese if you are planning a trip to Japan.


      Are you planning a trip to Europe? With this intelligent device you can translate all European languages: Spanish, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Czech and many other languages ​​in English and vice versa!

      Translate latin to english

      Face-to-face communication with an intelligent voice translator


      With this intelligent portable language translator, you can translate any language face to face in real time (two way offline) in a second with the person you want to communicate with.


      The translator has the option of recognizing a specific language and translating the language into the language you have selected and specified. With simple communication and conversation with people in any language, you can travel anywhere in the world.


      Intelligent audio recognition, voice recognition with advanced technology, with which you can easily communicate with everyone in every country.


      This device even offers text to text or text to audio translation. Easy connection to any device, from smartphone, PC, tablet to laptop! Wireless connection up to 10 meters in length without problems.


      The smart voice translator for all languages (offline) is compatible with all operating systems, iOS, Android or Windows devices. The batteries have a long life, the batteries can be charged, work with 3.7 V and have a capacity of 750 mA.


      If you are traveling somewhere without electricity, you don't have to worry, get a portable solar power bank and you can charge all your batteries with the sun! Charging your offline two way portable smart voice translator, or your smartphone with a portable power bank is possible without any problems!


      The device uses very little electricity. Once charged, you can use it actively for hours. Because of its attractive appearance and small size, it is very easy to use and comfortable to use. Thanks to its light weight of only 130 grams, you can easily take it anywhere.


      You can translate any website, or language! You can translate english to swedish, english to mandarin, english to dutch, english to spanish… or any other language you want.

      Translate english to latin

      Translate the most popular world languages


      The world's inaccessible information has 5,000 different languages. Some of these languages ​​will disappear in the future to accept other languages ​​due to globalization and the greater opportunities to offer the world's popular languages ​​for a better life.


      At present, most people on Earth speak Chinese, almost 1 billion people. English weighs 400 million people in second place, and Spanish is third with 350 milion people.


      By the year 2100, 95% of the world's languages ​​will be extinct, and only the popular and well-known languages ​​will remain. Did you know that there are more English speakers in China than in the United States? Yes!


      The fastest growing languages, markets like Brazil, China, India, Russia and other countries will dominate the business world. By 2050, the majority of English-speaking Portuguese, Arabic and Russian will be dominated, but also Hindi, Urdu and Bengali.

      Translate polish to english

      Personal voice translator two way with 40 different languages


      Today it is easier than ever to travel to a country in the world. A very popular language is English, but unfortunately not all English speakers in the world speak or understand it. So when we travel to certain countries, communication problems can arise!


      To avoid the inconvenience, it is important to prepare well before embarking on a country tour before embarking on a trip to Europe. You can do this very easily, you don't need a personal translator for every language.


      You don't even need an app for every language! You don't have to learn every language. All you need is this little smart device that translates everything you say into the language you choose. It also translates every language you hear into a language you understand.


      Language translation has never been so easy, fast and convenient. The technology is developed every year and new innovations come onto the market, new devices that make our lives easier. This small portable voice translator is one such device that can change our lives and make it easier for us to communicate with other people in different languages.

      Translate english to arabic


      Learn a language with a portable offline translator


      If you plan to perfect your language and communication skills, this small portable device will help you achieve your goals. You simply select the primary language and the language you want the audio voice translation into.


      With simple steps, frequent repetitions, and daily learning, you can perfect any of the 40 popular languages ​​available to you. You don't need expensive courses, you don't have to go to class or stick to an appointment.


      Learn the language you want, learn the languages ​​when you want and how long you want. Repeat, read aloud and speak out loud, and any language you choose, will master you in the shortest possible time with minimal effort.


      Learning a language has never been easier. It is up to you how many languages ​​you know and how well you want to learn them. With the help of listening, speaking and writing, you master every language of the world. All you have to do is schedule at least one hour a day to study and practice, and your success is guaranteed.

      The best language translator

      Translate any language into English


      If you're planning a trip to France and don't speak and understand French, this little portable translator translates everything for you in real time without waiting. You don't even have to learn the language!


      Translating from French to English or English to French takes just a second. Thanks to technology, we can now communicate with other people without having to speak French. This device is your little translator.


      Are you traveling to Spain but cannot speak or understand Spanish? No problem for a small portable translator! This device translates Spanish to English and English to Spanish so you can communicate with anyone in Spain without knowing the language.


      Translate German to English or English to German! Translate German into French or French into German! Do you need a Hindi-English translator or English-Hindi translator? No problem for this little smart voice translator.


      Choose one of the 40 languages ​​offered and the translation is automatic and instantaneous with real-time audio recognition. You don't have to wait. The translation takes place immediately. You will hear the translation immediately after the device has recognized the language in a foreign language.


      This small portable device is your personal translator for a variety of popular and well-known languages ​​around the world. You can take it with you anywhere, anytime, and it's always available when you need a translation.

      Translate latin to english


      Learn a new language with a the best voice translator


      Learning new languages ​​is not easy for certain people! Sometimes learning a new language can take months or even years. The best practice to learn a particular language is to practice, since speaking and repeating is best taught in any language.


      This device can quickly translate text or sound into your chosen language, which not only makes communication easier, but also makes it easier to learn the language. There are various mobile applications for learning foreign languages ​​nowadays, but each application has its advantages and disadvantages.


      Translation apps are not perfect, some are very expensive, they are not effective, they only offer one language, and you need to update regularly to use them. If it is a free application, there is again the problem of low options, poor quality or a lot of advertising and ads in the app.


      With a portable, intelligent audio voice translator, you have everything you need in a small device that you can take anywhere. The translation works not only automatically, but also precisely and with great accuracy.


      The multifunctional translator offers 40 of the world's most popular languages, the most used and the languages ​​you need the most. You can translate all languages ​​with this small portable smart voice  translator. Some of them are: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Korean, Polish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and many other languages.


      Learning a foreign language has never been easier with this small portable translator! If you are traveling abroad, this device is ideal for you as it solves all your communication problems. A very popular gift for students and seniors who want to travel the world. Those who want to travel the world can now take their personal translator with them.

      Translate english to polish

      Why should you use a multilingual smart voice translator?


      This small device has many advantages over Google Translate or other translation methods and options! Unfortunately, what Google Translate cannot offer is instant voice translation in real time.


      Of course, google translate has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. In addition to the common mistakes of different languages, it doesn't provide real-time translation, which is very important when communicating with someone live.


      You have other options like iTranslate, different applications, but also different services that you have to pay for! In contrast to all available apps and services, this small, intelligent voice translator is much easier to use. It also works for you free translation, because once you buy this device, it's always available for you!


      Intelligent speech recognition with the latest technology for easy communication with people from different countries in different languages! Live streaming ability with high quality and accuracy. You can even connect it to your mobile phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. Wireless transmission is possible up to 10 meters away!


      Multifunctional voice transmission The Smart Voice Translator offers the possibility to establish a connection to a smartphone and a wireless connection to an iOS or Android device. The battery lasts for several hours in continuous operation, is very small, very convenient to carry and use.


      Ideal for young and old! There is nothing better to travel and learn a language than this small, compact, lightweight, portable, intelligent voice translator!


      Take your personal translator with you, always at hand when you need a real time multi-language smart voice translator.

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