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Portable Small Fridge

Mini Refrigerator

This small, compact refrigerator gives you everything you need. It cools everything you put in it. You can use it anywhere, at home, in the camper, in the car, at camping, on the beach or anywhere else.


  • Because of its small size, you can easily transport this small portable mini fridge with minimal effort and weight.


  • Maximum cooling with low power consumption makes this small portable refrigerator environmentally friendly.


  • Only specially selected and high quality materials, simple design make this small portable refrigerator very interesting, but also useful for everyday needs.


  • With this small fridge everything can be cooled, from juices, beer, food, make-up, cosmetics, medication. Whatever you put in will be chilled in no time.


  • Since very little electricity is used, you can also operate it in your car, truck, van, boat or even in your solar system via solar panels, solar panels or using a battery and other power sources.



Modern retro design gives this small but powerful device a very attractive look! It is only made with high quality materials and the main construction is made of stainless steel.


This portable mini fridge meets all important standards and has all important certifications. Numerous conditions were met during production to develop and manufacture very efficient and high-quality technologies for lowering the internal temperature.


Best small portable refrigerator at the best price on the market, get yourself a small portable refrigerator, buy your tiny portable fridge today until stocks are exhausted.


There's no need to spend a lot of money and buy a Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux or other expensive branded refrigerators. The name means nothing. It is important that the refrigerator do what I need, that is, to cool the inside of my room in the fridge to cool what you put into it.


The color of the refrigerator is not that important, although there are many colors, there are more color combinations, so it is very difficult to buy the color for each such refrigerator. The most commonly used colors for refrigerators and refrigerators are white, silver, black, but also pink, blue, gray, purple, yellow. The entire range of different colors and contrasts is available today.

Tiny portable mini fridge for skincare products, make up, wine, beer, energy drinks, or even food...

  • Certification: CE / EU
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 4L Refrigerator
  • Stainless Steel


Mini fridge freezer

Personal small compact portable refrigerator


You can take this mini fridge with you anywhere, on your trip, in your car, in your office and so on! This refrigerator is not only suitable for cooling liquids such as juices, drinks, milk and others. This innovative device can also be used for food because, as you know, the shelf life of food slows down. This applies to vegetables, salads, sandwiches, meat and other foods.


In the past, people kept food near water or under snow, underground or in dark, dark cold rooms to store food. American Perkins made the first refrigerator and had it patented in the UK.


The use of the refrigerator is accelerating with the inovation of Nikola Tesla's electricity and AC. Citizens started buying and using refrigerators, which led to a number of changes in diet, consumption, and food purchases.


Everyone believes that a big step in evolution was when people learned to make a fire and roast meat on an open fire, but we can also consider an invention called a refrigerator with a new development the new next big think in human history. A household without a refrigerator is no longer imaginable these days.


Refrigerators have become an integral part of every household, some have more than one refrigerator in their home or apartment. So that people can eat at home sooner and in the future, they always need a refrigerator.


The Fridge portable refrigerator for sale

Food preservation with a portable refrigerator


The Scottish professor William Cullen invented a small refrigerator in 1775, which at that time was able to produce a small amount of ice.


For a long time, people had all kinds of ideas over the years, but none was as revolutionary as the idea of ​​an electric refrigerator for everyone. The path to this idea begins when the invention of electricity began, with Nikola Tesla's AC power.


The first real portable refrigerator for food preservation was invented in 1951 by Richard C. Laramy. It was ideal for short trips and excursions and was very popular at the time. A refrigerator is a very complex device in which many physical processes take place.


Thermodynamics, thermoelectric effect and heat transfer are the basic elements for the operation of every refrigerator. In addition, today's modern refrigerator consists of many advanced electronic devices, processors, WiFi, displays, controls, timers, thermostats and much more.


The temperature in all refrigerators is controlled by a thermostat. Temperature is a physical quantity that describes the body's ability to absorb heat or release it into the environment. Heat is transmitted through conduction, flow and radiant heat.


Mini refrigerator for cooling food and drinks

Fridges and their advantages, good to know!


Cooling can lower the temperature of the refrigerator and the food it contains. You can also keep other things in the fridge, juices, drinks, cakes, fruits, vegetables, and other foods, which will extend the life and longevity of your food anywhere.


What is normal for us today, 100 years ago, was only the very beginning of global use, today it's in every household. Nowadays there is no home, no apartment, no hotel, no house, no office, no café or restaurant without at least a refrigerator.


Everyone has a fridge and it's good to have one! The refrigerator works on a very simple principle, it lowers the temperature in a small room and therefore increases the temperature around it because it transfers the temperature from one body to another.


Briefly cooling food using the refrigerator slows down the biochemical process of food spoilage when the food has cooled. People used to dry food like grain, meat, vegetables, fruit, fish and more. The fish and meat were salted so that they could hold out for a long time without spoiling, while the salt pulled out the water and preserved the meat or fish.


Cold rooms and cellars were often used to store food. With the invention of the refrigerator, there were important changes in the food industry and customer habits, food could be stored anywhere for long periods.


Best Mini Fridge 2020 the best refrigerator technology

History of refrigerators and refrigeration technology


When fridge was invented? The first fridge is a very old cooling technology, for which there are first traces that are over 2500 years old. In ancient Egypt, they realized that water evaporation and air circulation can cause icing. The first cooling mixes originating in China.


In the history of mankind, it has always been necessary to cool or freeze food, but it has only been in the last 100 years that there has been a major technological change, nowadays every household has a refrigerator, because keeping food in its own four walls is a basic requirement for long-term storage without spoiling it.


After the invention of electricity, everything changed, the fridge became available to everyone, the price of refrigerators in stores dropped, everyone could afford a fridge in their house or apartment. People have always needed a refrigerator, so everyone will need a refrigerator in the future.


Small Mini Fridge USA - portable refrigerator for traveling

Technical description of the portable refrigerator


How fridge works? The heat exchanger is an evaporator, it is located in every refrigerator in which the heat exchanger electrically evaporates the refrigerant. Evaporation requires heat that is removed from the food or juice in the refrigerator. There is a condenser or heat exchanger on the outside of each refrigerator.


In a small modern refrigerator we have a condenser, it is a heat exchanger. The compressor is the part of the refrigerator that draws in the refrigerant vapor and pushes it into the condenser to raise the temperature.


Mini Fridge with Freezer for 2020 with quality housing

The liquid refrigerant flows through the condenser through a heat control valve into the evaporator, where the pressure suddenly drops, the volume increases, and the temperature in the refrigerator decreases.


This refrigerator consists of a quality housing that contains all the necessary elements of each refrigerator. For efficient cooling of the refrigerator, it is important that the refrigerator is in a flat, horizontal position.


The temperature is controlled by a thermostat that switches the refrigerator on or off and thus keeps the set temperature in the refrigerator constant.


Buy the best mini fridge - Eco-Friendly

What is the difference between a refrigerator and a freezer?


We use the refrigerator to cool juices or food, while we use the freezer to mainly freeze food, frozen pizzas, meat and vegetables. Freezing food in the freezer can make it last longer, from several months to several years, depending on the type of food.


The refrigerator is set to 4 to 8 degrees Celsius, while the freezer is operated at significantly lower temperatures from -1 to -50 degrees Celsius.


Each refrigerator and freezer has its own energy class, it is the ratio of energy input and output. The most efficient grade is A, the worst grade is G. (A, B, C, D, E, F, G).


Mini Cooler Fridge environmentally friendly

Today's refrigerators use safe gas, environmentally friendly freon, well-known gas freon is still marked with R-134. Old refrigerant gases such as R-11, R-12 and R-22 are no longer used due to the destruction of the world ozone layer. An agreement was reached in Montreal in 1987 to prohibit and restrict the use of certain freons that deplete the ozone layer.


These are primarily refrigerated gases that contain Clor (Cl) and other gases such as halon and bromine that are used to extinguish fires. The aim is to comply with the agreement by 2050 at the latest in order to regain the ozone layer. This agreement was signed by almost 200 countries around the world.


Cold air always collects at the bottom of the refrigerator, while slightly warmer air is at the top. Cold air is heavier than warm air. It falls down and warm air rise in every fridge.


Small refrigerator sale the ideal refrigerator for every day use

Cheap mobile refrigerator for every occasion


For the transfer of beer, coca cola, pepsi, fanta…. or food for everyday use, this small portable and mobile refrigerator will meet all your needs. If you need something small and convenient at the same time, this is the ideal refrigerator for you.

Small refrigerator for sell, ideal for cooling drinks and foods like in the walmart!

You don't need a large fridge or an expensive fridge or NaCl or CaCl2 like you did 100 or 200 years ago. All you need is this tiny fridge that takes up very little space.


Imagine a long drive, it's hot outside, it's warm in the car, and you always have fresh beer or juice, Coca Cola, Ice Tea, Pepsi, Red Bull, energy drinks, and cold coffee on hand. Ideal for cooling off and very refreshing on warm days of absence.


Juggernog Fridge use this small portable mini tiny fridge anywhere!

A bottle of cold water or cold mineral water is always on hand. If you are camping with family or friends, this small portable refrigerator will suit you well. You only need a solar panel or a battery. It can even save electricity because this small refrigerator is not only small, but also uses very little electricity.


You can use this small portable fridge anywhere, you can use it at home in your room, you can use it in the bathroom for makeup or cosmetics, you can use it in a camper, you can use it on board, in any car, use in the basement, on the beach, wherever you want.


Juggernog mini fridge for sale compact refrigerator for summer


The best small portable refrigerator, compact refrigerator for hot summer days. 
If you are looking for something very cheap at a great price, this small fridge is for you!


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