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Best finger pulse oximeter and oxygen monitor

This is the best Finger Pulse Oximeter, precise measurement of pulse rate, comfortable, real time monitoring, low price, five colors to choose from, optical senzor, frequency conversion technology...


Pulse oximete fingertip


This small but powerful wireless "pulse oximeter fingertip monitor" measures your heart rate with high precision with new technology and an innovative finger pulse sensor.


What is a pulse oximeter? The pulse oximeter is a small, portable, advanced device that allows you to measure and monitor the strength and speed of your pulse by using light sensors that measure your heart's pulse via your finger.


What is your pulse rate? Is it accelerated, slow or normal? With this pretty little device, you can track, read, and monitor your heart rate in a simple, effective, and fast manner, without unnecessary cables, or high prices.


Fingertip oximeter



Why is this The best finger pulse oximeter?


This is the best "finger pulse oximeter monitor" because it is very precise, very small, and with the latest high-tech, this device is without cables (wifi)!


Use this oximeter to monitor or check your health regularly on a very quick and easy way. It is very comfortable to wear, very precise when measuring and monitoring. Monitor and measure your heart rate in real time, with an integrated alarm option.


What is a pulse oximeter


Small rays of light pass through the blood in the finger and measure the amount of oxygen. This is achieved by a paynless process, measuring changes in light absorption in blood, measuring the level of oxygen.


A pulse fingertip oximeter monitor can therefore show you the level of oxygen saturation, not only your heart rate.


In addition, this device has a beautiful shape and very nice colors, from which you can choose the one you like best. The device reads the speed of your pulse with very high precision via the optical sensors and you can read all the data received, but it also saves all data automatically.


Best pulse oximeter


A professional finger pulse oximeter monitor


This small but high quality fingertip oximeter has an integrated display that allows you to monitor and measure your heart rate in real time.


You can set the lower and upper pulse. After the pulse has dropped or increased, the device can activate the alarm and show it on the display. This product activates the alarm on the screen both in visual form and in audio form with the help of a warning sound, since a small loudspeaker is installed.


High-quality, high-resolution OLED display shows you all important statistics and data in real time on the screen and stores them for all your requirements in the memory, which you can read later as needed and desired.


Best oximeters



High-tech in small format to monitor your health!


The display shows the following data:

  1. Pulse rate
  2. Intensity of the blood pulse
  3. Batteries reamaining energy
  4. Blood oxygen saturation
  5. Waveform of blood oxygen volume


It is also possible to change the (display direction) of the display in vertical or horizontal form. The device consists of an axis made of high-quality, non-slip materials, ergonomic shape, soft silicone and plastic. It is very convenient to use and carry without fear of it falling off your finger.


Pulse oximeter price


This small device uses small standard AAA batteries that last very long. You can change the batteries very eas, even a child can easily install them.


Price Pulse Oximeter



Finger pulse oximeter - How to use?


To use the oximeter, first turn it on, and then place your finger in the opening, it takes about 10 seconds to get your pulse oximeter reading. The number left on the display indicates the percentage of cells that are oxygenated (%SpO2).

Pulse oximeter reading

The number on the right side indicates your pulse rate (PRbPm), or beats per minute. The pulsing bar provides a visual of your heart beat. The wave or plethysmograph, shows a little history of your heart beat, so that it is very easy to see if there is some difference from one beat to another beat.


Pressing the button will change the display. The display shows a filled in plethysmograph and the bar pressing it will show only the outline of the plethysmograph. Pressing the button again will show the statistics and the pulsing bar.


As you continue to press there are more displays that shows different orientations of the numbers.


Pulse oximeter reading Blod pressure



Read your pulse rate with the best fingertip oximeter!


Pulse oximetry, what is the purpose and use, how it actually works, and how it process, hot to make the reading? A fingertip pulse oximeter is a fast, and completely painless „non-invasive“ test.


Monitoring Health with any type od condition: Asthma, Pneumonia, Lung Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Heart Attack, Anemia, Heart Failure, Heart Defects,


Fingertip oximeter „pulse oximetry“ a non-invasive painless health test that measures the level of oxygen saturation, and the amount of oxygen in the blood. It can be quickly determined how effectively oxygen is transported to the outermost extremities, including the arms and legs in your body.


Pulse oximete sensor


A finger pulse oximeter is a very small device, which is attached to a finger to make the readings and monitor your heart pulse. It is most commonly worn very fast on the finger and often used by doctors in intensive care, such as hospitals or emergency services.


The purpose a finger pulse oximeter or „pulse oximetry“ is to read how much your heart is pumping oxygen through your body in a fast and easy way. It can be used to monitor the health of people with any type of illness that can affect blood oxygen levels, especially in a hospital.


Pulse oximeter readings



Pulse oximeter readings


Pulse oximeter readings is a very fast and accurate test. Nail Polish, temperature or movements are factors that can affect accuracy. Because of this you have to use high quality devices like this pulse oximeter, it produces right and consistent results with only a 1-2% difference in accuracy.


Pulse ox


More than 90% of your blood should contain oxygen, 95% oxygen saturation is considered normal. This oxygen saturation is necessary to keep cells and your body healthy. Although oxygen saturation below this level is not provisionally harmful, repeated or consistent cases of decreased oxygen saturation may be detrimental.


Finger pulse oximeter


As soon as the test is completed, the „readings“ measured values ​​are immediately available, this way they can determine if other treatments or other tests are needed. If you use a finger pulse oximeter at home, you will learn how often you need to measure and what to do if certain values ​​are exceeded or underlined.


Fingertip pulse oximeter


You can use a finger pulse oximeter for very broad and different cases. You can judge if someone needs breathing assistance, determine how effective supplemental oxygen therapy is, monitor oxygen levels during or after surgery , evaluate a person's ability to tolerate increased physical activity, evaluate if someone is stopping breathing during a sleep, such as sleep apnea, evaluate how well the new drug works on your lungs.

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Finger heart rate monitor
Finger oxygen sensor
Finger oxygen meter


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