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The best fiber optic Christmas tree!


A magical, decorative little fiber optic Christmas tree made of fiberglass for a low price. A super modern alternative to living room or car decor with LED technology! This small artificial tree has a battery that powers the LEDs in the fiber optic cables. This creates a beautiful Christmas tree that changes color.



  • High quality & Brand New fiber optic Christmas tree
  • It changes color in several seconds automatically (colorful)
  • High brightness, Energy saving, low power consumption, long lifespan
  • Small LED Christmas tree night light
  • Artificial Christmas trees shaped design
  • A star decoration at the top of the Christmas tree
  • For bedroom, home, party decor, kids, baby, as a gift and other occasions
  • Christmas Tree Material: ABS
  • Christmas Tree Size: 12 cm x 7 cm
  • ON/OFF switch to control fiber optic christmas tree light
  • LED Light in 7 different colors, automatically
  • Power: 2 x AAA Batteries, 2x1,5V (3 V)
Best Small Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


Best fiber optic small artificial LED Christmas tree


Are you looking for something new this Christmas? Something special, something out of the ordinary? We recommend this tiny white Christmas tree as a decoration for your home, work, office or even a car!


The special feature of this small tree is that it consists of translucent glass fibers and lights up in beautiful colors when turned on, making it a great alternative to real christmas tree. It is characterized by small dimensions and many different beautiful colors that change with time after switching on by itself.


The color palette is quite large: red, blue, green, yellow and purple make these little artificial Christmas trees especially attractive for the holidays, especially when you dim the light in the room. In the dark this white Christmas tree turns into a beautiful tree full of colors!


Since this little Christmas tree is a great alternative, you can use it in any room of your home or at work for the holidays! The best Christmas tree that uses a small battery for its miniature version, ideal as a decoration for every corner.

 Artificial Christmas Tree
White Christmas Tree
Mini Christmas tree



Why you should buy an artificial little Christmas tree?


Someone loves a large Christmas tree, someone loves a natural Christmas tree, someone loves a white Christmas tree and many other different Christmas trees that are available for purchase nowadays. With the advancement of technology, the Christmas trees have also evolved.


This mini Christmas tree uses LED technology to produce magical colors for the upcoming holidays! You can even use it in a camper, car or truck! You can use it in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bedroom. Your children and the guests who see it will love it because it is simply the best Christmas tree for little money, perfect for any room.


An LED diode, is a type of diode that emits a specific light color when connected to a power source such as a battery. The LED has two electrodes, one cathode (negative) and one anode (positive)! If we supply the anode of the LED with voltage, a positive potential arises up to the cathode, whereby the current flows and produces a lighting effect.


LED lighting is very popular nowadays and is often used in various household and industrial lighting fixtures. There are many different types of LEDs depending on their characteristics, wavelength of light, intensity of light, color of light, angle of light, materials used and a number of other different characteristics.


What is particularly important in LED lighting is that the technology uses a very small amount of electricity to emit light. In this way, it is possible for a LED to light up with minimal power consumption, combined with a small battery that can light the LEDs for days or even weeks before the battery runs out.


There are LED luminaires for different needs, such as ceiling, wall or floor lighting, or for lights that are inside the strip or used in any way in the automotive industry. This technology is being developed day by day and improved over the years.


One of the main reasons for choosing LED ligths is the very low cost and very low power consumption. In addition, it is very important to note that LED lighting has a much longer lifetime when used, which is certainly a big advantage. The longer it works, the better! While classic incandescent bulbs consume a lot and last only a very short time, the LED technology is certainly much better than the classic lighting standard.


Blue Christmas Tree
White Fiber Optic Xmas Tree


Fiber optic trees for a fiber optic Christmas!


The fiber optic of this Christmas tree consists of glass-permeable plastic fibers through which the light emitted by the LEDs is transmitted! The fiber core emits a light signal, the core diameter can be a few mm to a few cm.


Optical fiber / fiber is typically a small transparent thread that is commonly used to transmit light signals in the telecommunications industry, computer networks, light transmission, image transmission, medicine, decoration, lighting, and so on.


In computer networks or in telecommunications, the fiber is transmitted by infrared light, with the least losses. For the holidays, glass fibers give uscolorful light, so that our Christmas tree looks magical when it glows.


There are several artificial Christmas trees, some white, some green! There are also various sizes, depending on your needs and preferences, it is possible to buy a huge natural Christmas tree or a miniature Christmas tree for your table as a decorative item.


What distinguishes each LED Christmas tree is its very low power consumption and a very good price compared to big and expensive Christmas trees! Arranging a few of these small fiberglass Christmas trees in the room gives you a nice atmosphere for the coming holidays!


The mini Christmas tree is ideal for younger and older and is ideal as a Christmas present for friends or relatives. In addition, this alternative Christmas tree is something that not everyone in his house has, and he is very unusual and interesting and attracts everyone's attention.


When it is off, it is white when it turns on, the Christmas tree is full of colors and glows in the dark with beautiful different colors. As Christmas takes place only once a year and this tree is sold very quickly, it becomes more and more popular over the years.

Colorful Christmas Tree


Best fiber optic Christmas tree


For many reasons, this tree is one of the best for the Christmas atmosphere, it is lightweight, does not take much space, requires no cables, is water resistant and uses very little power.


When it's on, it lightens every room, and after use, it's very light and easy to store for the next Christmas year, so it can be used not just once but several times. A few of these little Christmas trees, arranged around the room, will make your space more comfortable and beautiful for the upcoming holidays!


No technical knowledge is required, just plug it in and place it where you want to illuminate the room in the spirit of Christmas. An ideal alternative if you are looking for something special, something out of the ordinary, something magical for Christmas!


The best artificial colorful small fiber optic Christmas tree with LED technology, powerful and miniature, great alternative, for car home, work, office, kitchen...


Small Christmas Tree for home office or car


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