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🌹 Artificial Roses 🌹

5 Minute Crafts DIY

20 Different Colors

Beautiful new little artificial roses 2 cm in size, ideal for making a variety of decorative items, like rose bears, decorative rose hearts, decorative rose teddy bears, decorative items for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations!


Choose from sets of 36 pcs / 72 pcs / 144 pcs, decorative flowers in 20 beautiful colors ideal for 5 minute crafts. Create super crafts with these artificial roses, perfect flowers for all purposes, full colors and top quality.


Make with your children beautiful decorative items in just a few minutes, only your imagination is the limit. Surprise your family with great ideas, make something new and creative, be innovative, because what you make you won't find in any store to buy. Your imagination creates everything!



How to make 5 minute crafts with artificial decorative roses?


How to get started creating your favorite decorative items for your home, bedroom, living room, bathroom or more. You don't need a lot of material.


Just your imagination is needed, a few artificial roses in one or more colors, possibly some kind of glue, and a shape you can make from any material such as paper, cardboard, sponge, styrofoam, stones, wood, various metals, and other materials you might find at your household or nearby store.


You can start with an idea, once you have an idea of what you could create, get all the material you need and put it on the table where you plan to make it. Make a sketch of your idea on paper, then take simple easy steps.

5 minute crafts art


Rose bear - 5 minute crafts for a girl or a woman


With one set of artificial roses and the colors you choose, you can make a rose bear. Something that every girl or woman loves, the perfect wedding anniversary gift, the perfect Christmas gift, and an even better valentine's day gift.


If a rose bear is made with your own hands, you give your gift another extra value and love. And even most men consider the rose bear to be a sweet and ideal gift for many occasions.


On the other hand, it may be more convenient to create a rose bear yourself, with the colors you like, the dimensions that you like best, the look and shape you like best.


With all the material on your table ready, within 5 to 10 minutes you can make one magic bear out of 20 different colors, red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow orange, green is your decision.


And with artificial roses, you can also create a bear in the colors of your choice, in shades, in multiple colors, or even in a colorful rose bear, the way you want it and how you like it best.


Rose bear


Show your love for your loved one with a heart of roses!


Create a beautiful little or big heart of artificial roses within a few minutes, with minimal effort and within 5 minutes, showing the person your love.


Own craftsmanship gives this gift an extra note. No matter who you give it, it will certainly make the person happy, it is an ideal gift for a variety of occasions.


Your creativity is limitless, experiment with different colors and shapes, create something with your own hands, with your work, beautify the life of a person with a heart made of roses.


Rose heart


Do you need decoration for your living room?


With a little material, a little imagination, a little work and effort, you can make with this artificial roses many beautiful decorative items.


With artificial roses you can decorate a variety of objects and things, a variety of different colors offers you the opportunity to match the look with all sorts of objects.


Roses are of the highest quality and long life. A big advantage over ordinary natural roses is that they do not wither. It is not necessary to water the roses every day. The color is always full and shiny. It is possible to use roses for different occasions.


Glasses - 5 minute crafts at home

Why choose Zaisum artificial roses?


Check out our colorful artificial flowers in 20 different colors. Add beautiful colors in your living room, or brighten any room with our artificial roses for a low price.


With Zaisum's artificial roses in bulk, you can create an eye catching display. to enjoy throughout the hole year with cute artificial flower decorations. Our range of different colors, plastic artificial roses are perfect for a handmade wedding, with a low maintenance floral arrangements around your home for any room. Allergy friendly artificial roses are created with the natural true realistic look.


Artificial roses are a realy great alternative to fresh roses, even better. With no watering, no wilting, and only at a low fraction of the cost of fresh roses, save your money, with this realistic fake artificial roses, that can be enjoyed all year long, they can last a lifetime because they are indestructible.


Beautify your home, beautify every room with beautiful artificial roses, put together your own arrangement, your favorite decoration with long-lasting roses that will bring spring to your house or apartment.


5-minute crafts bathroom with artificial roses

What are the advantages of artificial flowers and roses?

Of course, with artificial flowers you save a lot of money, and in return you get a long-lasting decoration that you create yourself according to your wishes and preferences. Real roses are very expensive, and unfortunately they don't last long, after a few days they wither, after a week we throw them in the trash.


Real natural roses are the perfect solution when it's summer. Having the same thing or planting them in the yard is a great idea. It's even good to combine real nature with artificial roses, some people can't even tell which ones are real and which ones are artificial!


In order to save a lot of money and have a wonderful decoration all year round, we definitely recommend these roses. The roses are made of high quality materials and have a long lifespan, are easy to care for, do not fade and do not need to be watered daily.


Whether you are looking for white roses, pink roses, red roses, blue roses, green roses, gold roses, yellow roses, orange roses, and many other colors, we have them all. You can choose a smaller pack or a larger pack with more roses in the pack and color of your choice!


You can combine these roses with various other materials and decorative items, decorate certain items, make different arrangements of roses, a great alternative and a very long life.


Simply decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room, the roses always look fresh, the colors are always shiny and give every room an additional beauty and comfort.



How much do artificial roses cost?

Artificial roses cost a lot less than real roses, which are much more expensive and last much longer. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose a small pack, a medium pack or a large pack of roses at very reasonable prices.


Savings of several hundred dollars and more are possible over a year!

There are many advantages, the only disadvantage is that artificial roses unfortunately do not smell like real roses, which is logical. But there are many other benefits that real roses don't have and are economical. Above all, they are easy to maintain, with minimal effort, long-lasting quality and great looks.

20 different colors of artificial roses
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Quick 5 minute crafts with flowers and roses
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Great decorative ideas
Beautiful little artificial roses


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