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Best optical fiber LED night light

A multi-color night lamp with LED technology and fiberglass gives your room an extra shine and an attractive appearance. Fill your favorite room with a variety of light sources to brighten any room.

Different colors that change themselves and illuminate the room. This device creates a comfortable atmosphere with simple high-end LED technology and high quality fiber optics.


Led night lamp with Fiberglass Technology

This fiberglass LED Night Lamp is popular with young and old alike, attracting the attention and sight of every visitor and brightening up every home with a variety of warm and beautiful colors.

LED lamp with Fiberglass

The power consumption of this night light is very low, the batteries last very long and high quality LEDs are used to produce light in different colors. The night lamp has a very long life, uses standard batteries of size AA, three batteries with an operating voltage of 3 x 1.5 V or 4.5 V.

Fiberglass Technology

This Fiber Optic LED Night Lamp uses a variety of colors in a variety of shades of red, green and blue, as well as a combination of other colors that it illuminates with optical fibers, giving this lamp a very interesting look in the dark.

LED Fiberglass Technology

Optical fibers made of ecological materials with a diameter of 0.4 mm create a pleasant feeling in the dark, brighten the room and contribute to a nice atmosphere that radiates a variety of colors with minimal consumption.

Multicolor Led Optic Night Lamp
Best LED Fiberglass Technology

Just insert three 1.5V AA batteries and turn on the switch. Enjoy comfortable colors anytime. The exterior of the night lamp is painted in silver, giving this lamp an extra elegant and luxurious look.

Multicolor LED Fiber Optic Night Lamp

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