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Best Shoe Inserts

Custom Orthotic Insoles

With GEL shock absorber

Anatomical silicone inserts are a real help for painful, swollen feet. They stimulate sensitive areas on the feet and are ideal for athletes who stand on their feet for most of the day. If you walk or run often, this is the ideal product for you.


Silicone gel insoles are the best shoe inserts to relieve foot pain, restore blood circulation and stimulate important points on the sole of the foot.


Gel silicone inserts have a high level of shock absorption, also reduce fatigue in the heels and feet, prevent deformation of the arch of the foot and contribute to a flat profile.

The best shoe inserts

The absorption gel on the back of the shoe inserts makes the crotch flexible, while the reinforced area under the back of the foot creates a slight incline and eliminates signs of fatigue, which contributes to better blood circulation in the foot.


The material of the anatomical gel inserts  has a high breathability and therefore does not lead to unpleasant smells or sweaty feet, the lower part of the anatomical gel cartridge is filled with a foamy flexible material for easy bending.

The best insoles

Anatomical gel silicone inserts have another advantage: you can adjust the size of the cartridge. Each anatomical gel insert has a label so you can safely adjust the size that fits your foot and your favorite sneakers and shoes.


The material is light, quick drying and therefore easy to maintain, clean and wear again. Best shoe insoles, orthotic insoles for men and women on the market!


Universal size, adjustable to all sizes!


Superfeet insoles

Nowadays, in this hectic world in which we move, it is important to have good footwear and, above all, good anatomical gel inserts (shoe inserts) that protect your feet from long standing, long walking and a hard day, and at the end of the day Offer something rested and light, painless feet and legs during the day.

Powerstep insoles

New research - orthopedic shoe insoles


Recent research has shown that every person should take ten thousand steps a day to strengthen their health and heart.


Feet are a very important part of our body and we can safely say the perfection of nature. The foot consists of twenty-six bones deep in the thirty-five joints, all of which are connected by a hundred ligaments.


From the day you wake up, new steps take place every day, so you need to pay special attention to your feet and take care of their health and proper orthopedic operations.

Insoles for flat feet

If we only look at the anatomical sides, the foot can be divided into three complex parts, which are the bones of the foot, or the Latin "tarsus". It consists of the heel bone, which we call "os calcaneus", because these inserts cause a good devaluation for this part of the foot.


Then we have the ankle bone "os naviculare" followed by a cube bone, in Latin we call it "os cuboideum" and the last one in this first set of three wedge bones or the Latin name "ossa cuneiforme".


This is followed by five bones called "metatarsal" or lower extremity bones, and in addition we have fourteen finger segments, or what I would call "phalanges" in medical practice.

Orthotic insoles

All three structures are muscle-bound, which makes moving and walking easier and helps us to move well with good stable shoes and good anatomical inserts. This makes walking considerably easier and prevents fatigue and swelling of the feet.


When we move, the body weight is transferred from the heel bone itself to the first heel of the lower leg where they form strong points for the transfer of body weight to the foot on the anatomical insert, and these points are filled with gel to amortize the weight lighten itself and its transmission while walking and running.

Insoles for boots


Anatomical gel inserts are suitable for the following types of shoes and their use: skis, borosans, crampons, roller skates, ice skates, swimwear, clogs, moccasins, college girls, slippers, lounges, platform shoes, heels, ballerinas, sneakers, sandals, boots, standard shoes. So the purpose is extensive!

Orthotic inserts

Orthotic inserts are important for a man and woman


The age of the first insoles and the first shoes found in human history is between nine and ten thousand years. The first such pair was found in Oregon in 1938 and was invented by the famous American researcher and scientist Luther Cressman.


The shoes were made of spaghetti parts with a thick profile that is very reminiscent of today's shoe inserts, the same pair of shoes and are now preserved thanks to the good conservation of the volcanic lava ash that covered them.

The Best insoles on the market
Famous Roman women at that time were a symbol of the wealth and upper classes of the people and were worn exclusively by nobles in Egypt, while the course of shoe making changed throughout history, shapes and materials, colors and other parts changed. Even every period of time had its distinctive style.

Best shoe inserts

Shoes have been used in the past to protect the feet from injuries such as uneven terrain, thorns, stones and various shocks. At that time, shoe inserts or orthotic inserts for men and women were not yet known.


Nowadays, shoes are synonymous with the perfection of fashion, but they make an inadequate contribution to comfort. Therefore anatomical inserts are the ideal choice for every type of footwear, somewhat uncomfortable footwear, but of course also for comfortable footwear.


Best insoles for flat feet

The fashion industry mostly dominates the whole world, mainly fashion giants like: Agathe Ruiz De Lap, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnika, Chanel, Dior, Versace, Fendi, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, Dsquared2, Philipp Plein and Boss. Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino, Emporio Armani, Balenciaga, Kenzo, VLTN, Givenchy, Gant and many other dominant brands with which these shoe insoles (orthotic insoles for men and women) are compatible.

Gel insoles

Throughout history, shoes have been used as protective footwear and worn exclusively by certain social elites, while footwear today ranges from cheap pairs for just a few dollars to expensive brand name shoes up to several thousand dollars, depending on the wishes and accessibility of individuals.

The shoe belongs to a large group of soles, and the word sole means that the foot radiates the entire body weight. This is another reason why in reality we need a good and high quality shoe interior, preferably anatomically orthopedic gel insoles. The sole is extremely thick and dense than all other parts of the body, due to the development of man himself, due to the gradual upright movement on two legs.

Sole insoles

High quality luxury shoe inserts - for men and women


In order to produce an anatomically adjustable quality insert, it is first of all necessary to know the materials and their composition as well as the pressure resistance of the permeability and the adaptation properties. There have been problems with lowered feet in humans in the history of shoe inserts, and some material inserts used at that time are also used in the modern industrial manufacture of shoe inserts and orthotic inserts for men and women.

Insoles for heels

The progress of medicine and various researches today show that deformed and lowered feet lead to increasing health problems. This shows that it is simply necessary to have a good anatomical fit in your footwear to prevent unwanted problems. 

Mens insoles - Womens insoles

Anatomically orthopedic shoe insoles are insoles that fit into our daily footwear and help us to take the most natural foot position possible and to minimize pain and discomfort.


The problems associated with wearing inadequate footwear are the following: painful bones of the feet, but also of the entire feet, deformities of the feet themselves, knee pain, painful steps, aching hips and spine.


These anatomical gel insoles alleviate painful symptoms and allow the joints to be repositioned in their original position when worn for long periods.

Custom orthotics

The insoles themselves are manufactured using different techniques and materials, and of course according to the needs of the patient. Comfort is one of the most important criteria to achieve the desired effect. Therefore soft materials must be used in the manufacture of the insoles.


The commercially available modern materials that are available to us worldwide are mainly polymers with different mechanical properties that enable us to produce high-quality shoe insoles. These orthotic inserts for men and women are made with the latest technology and the best materials.

Walk fit insoles - Best shoe insoles

Shoe insoles made from natural materials

Cork is a natural material! Cork is a type of cork oak that first took twenty years to remove the oak bark. The second time, the cork oak bark is removed after ten years and then repeated every ten years. The world's leading country for the production of cork is currently Portugal.


Cork orthotic inserts are extremely hard, but sensitive to contact with the foot. This enables proper control with distorted feet.

Insoles for women's / men's shoes

The skin is one of the oldest materials from which orthopedic insoles are made. It is suitable because its unit consists of a collagen molecule that is connected to one another in a three-dimensional network.

The skin itself is a very tough material that expands quite a bit, but is also easy to handle, such as grinding, cutting and thermal modeling. 

Sole inserts - Orthopedic shoe inserts

Natural rubber comes from the tree of natural rubber. Rubber is a type of tree that we call rubber that grows in parts of South America. Natural rubber is obtained from raw rubber itself through the ongoing vulcanization process.


We then have synthetic materials for anatomical use, with EVA or ETHYLENE VINYLACETA being used most often. This means that it is a copolymer of ETHYLENE and VINYLACETATE. It consists of a series of monomer units that are bound to free radicals and have a double bond of monomers, which means ETYLEN and INYLACETAT.

Happy feet insoles - Good feet insoles

It is very easy to care for and can be freely washed in water using various means. It does not damage the anatomical insert, but is used as a cover, but also as a basic component of the insert.


Then we have acrylate, it is polymers that consist of acrylate and monomer, while to monomers are essentially esters and the reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohol is acrylic acid. They are easy to work with and usually only cover the bottom of the anatomical insert.

Gel shoe inserts - foot insoles

Polypropylene is a macromolecular product of the polymerization itself and is extremely unbreakable. This material in anatomical use is much thicker because it is susceptible to deformation of various distortions. It is therefore recommended to change the use of polypropylene materials every year or every two years.


We also have vinyl, it belongs to the unsaturated group of plastics, but it is of course also an organic compound and extremely tough, extremely thin and wear-resistant, has minimal friction, does not absorb moisture and therefore does not sweat.


These are the best shoe insoles or orthotic insoles, for both men and women, ideal for seniors and young people who value the health of their feet.

Men's shoe insoles - Women's shoe insoles


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