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Small Portable Air Conditioner

The Most Incredible Invention

The Modern Mini Air Conditioner

Fan has three different speeds
Easy to operate: powered by USB
Water tank lasts up to eight hours
7 different mood light colour options
Compact - can fit into a range of spaces
Portable - can be taken on travels

Power (W): 10 W
Wind Type: Natural Wind
Material: Plastic
Certification: CB,CE
Power Source: AC
Application: 10-15㎡
Model: Personal Air Cooler
Voltage (V): 100V-240V
Package Weight: 1.011kg (2.23lb.)
Package Size: 7.09in x 7.09in x 7.09in

With over 1 million units sold, it’s the most popular air cooler in the world!

FEATURES AT A GLANCE: This revolutionary, portable air cooler lets you lower the air temperature of any room, quickly and effortlessly.

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Mini Portable Air Conditioner
Small AC unit


Small air conditioner / Air cooler

Small portable air conidtioner or air cooler, this is a product which we all need especially in the USA, as it's so damn hot everyone I talked to they're feeling hot even big shock from the USA is finally feeling the heat so what are we going to do about it.

But we're going to test out this portable air conditioner, evaporative personal air conditioner (air cooler) and find out if it's a great or whether it does in fact cool the air so you can pick this ac unit up on Zaisum for a small price.

Portable ac unit, this is everything you get in the box, beginning with a user gudie a standard micro usb power cable and last but not least the air conditioning unit, mini air cooler!

This magic air mini cooler, let's begin with the dimensions, a 16.5 centimeters in width it's 16.5 centimeters in length and in height it's 16.6 centimeters, so this portable ac is basically a 6.5 inch cube, so there's no water in it and it weighs 960 grams, so this room air conditioner is made completly from plastic and on the front you have your main vent where the air is going to come out and cool you down if we take the top part off you will see the filter inside.

That filter can be removed! So this magic air cooler have a replacement filter, the filter basically you can remove, this filter will last up to 3 months, and then you can get it replaced. This small ac unit is great for every day use!

Inside the best portable air conditioner is a simple fan, but the concept is simple too, you just pour water in the side, a little bit of that water at a time would fill up the bottom section of the small air conditioner, and what happens, the water would basically soak this fabric and as the fan blows air towards you, you will get a nice cool breeze, that's the great concept, It seems like a very simple idea!

On the top of the small portable air conditioner, we have a big power button, and when you press it you'll get a ring of blue light going around it, you've got three power settings, low medium and high.

On the highest setting you've also got a dedicated  button for your light, when you do fill up the water and you press the light button you've got led lights on the side.

By default – the default color it's green, but you can change the color to suit your mood, and there's a few colors there to choose from a very nice touch on the top you've got your water compartment, inside there you can just fill up the water on the back you have another big vent, and the fan spinning around on this side there is a little bit of suction, hot air goes in from the side, and then it will hit that filter with the water evaporate, and give you a nice cold air instantly.

On the side of the personal air conditioner, you have a micro USB port which means you can plug this device into any 5V USB port, or you can even run this magic air cooler with a power bank if you want, it makes this device completely portable.

This cheap portable air conditioner operates fairly quietly! You don't want to fill it out with water more than a small bottle of water, or about 500 ml! You should wait for a few minutes, the water actually goes through the system before you switch it on.

Before you turn on this small ac unit, this is actually a personal air cooler, it is not designed to cool the entire room, this cheap air conditioner will only cool your personal space, it's supposed to drop the temperature down a few degrees in your personal space where you're sitting, working or even sleeping.

Sitting right in front of the magic air cooler, you will find out, it is definitely quite cool air coming out, this small air conditioner is definitely not going to cool your entire room, exactly as the product described, the ac unit working absolutely fine, you will feel very nice and cool air when you sitting right in front of this great device.

Working on your desk, this portable air conditioner in front of you, it's actually will do a very good job in cooling you down, you can test it even with a power bank, it works very well, just plug the USB in and it is being powered by the power bank very good, as you will see it works absolutely fine. You can even use a solar panel to power this small portable ac! Yes, you will get a solar air conditioner if you conect it to a solar panel.

Best air conditioner for personale use, this device is completely portable, you can take it anywhere you like, and plug it into a power bank that is going to last a very long time, we're talking about hours and hours.

The best air conditioner, evaporative air cooler, definitely does what it should, it provide san instant refreshing cool air directly at you covering your immediate space, if you had this in your office, it will cool you down without bothering your colleague next to you.

It's a personal space cooler and you will like it, it's perfect for you work, living room, desk… you can use it just about anywhere! And it's definitely more efficient to use than a fan or an window air conditioner, you can even run it off a power bank, laptop, or adapter.

The included replacement filter will last up to 3 months, and cost around $10 to replace. This small room air conditioner, you can use in any room of your choice!

Here is a tip, drop a few ice cubes if you can in the magic air cooler, and you will have yourself an ice cold mini portable air conditioner type of effect incredible art, for a low price.

Small Air Conditioner


What kind of air conditioning do you need?

Small portable air conditioners are certainly convenient to use. It is important to know in advance what kind of air conditioning you need. However, if you need the right climate with the right high performance, it may be better to buy something that offers significantly more power. There are 2 kW portable air conditioners, 2.5 kW units, 3 kW air conditioners and more, 3,5 kW and much more!

The benefits of higher air conditioning performance, whether portable or built-in, are that they can cool the room we are in faster and stronger. The lowering of the temperature is achieved in a much faster time and the lowering of the temperature is much higher.

Of course, all the advantages have some disadvantages, for example, high power air conditioners can consume significantly more power to cool the room, which in turn leads to higher utility bills.

Depending on where you live, each country has different electricity prices. Therefore, your electricity bill differs significantly from the one in a country where electricity is significantly cheaper and cheaper than in a country where electricity is available is significantly more expensive.

The steady increase in power consumption due to population growth, living standards, more air conditioning, portable air conditioning and different cooling technologies has led us to set a new record in power consumption every year so we can keep our rooms cool in summer.

Global electricity consumption will increase by 300% between 2020 and 2050. This is a major challenge for all countries to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the end user on hot summer days in all major cities around the world.

The challenge is not only in the distribution of electricity for all these small, large, weak, strong, fixed and portable air conditioners. The biggest challenge will be to meet this huge electricity demand.



It is important that we become energy efficient!

For the heating or air conditioning to be efficient or effective, it is important that we have built the house to the highest standards. A good thermal insulation of the house saves costs for heating and cooling. Insulations are laid in the foundation, in the walls or on the roof!

A well-insulated house or building is an energy-efficient house or building. It does not take much energy to quickly heat such an object or to cool it with an air conditioner. Even with a small portable air conditioning system, it is no problem to cool the room.

The aim of all countries is to create a global super network, with which we connect the whole world with electricity. In the Sahara we will generate electricity through solar panels, in the north and at the sea we will have wind turbines, in some places there will be hydroelectric power plants and the like. Over the next 100 years, a global network will be set up worldwide.

 The fossil energy will decrease in the next 50 years and will not be used in the next 100 years. The natural use of renewable energy sources will increase, the development of renewable energy sources will increase, once the goal is achieved and a superglobal network is reached, the distribution and generation of electricity will be efficient and effective.

In year 2100, electricity is generated mainly from renewable energy sources, making energy easily accessible and very affordable to all citizens of the world.

Of course, the goal is not just cheap electricity for heating or cooling our house! The goal is the availability of electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In order to cool down in our own house in summer, we need two things: air conditioning, small or portable air conditioning with low or high power, and electricity in our house! In addition, it is good to have an energy-efficient home that does not need much energy to keep the house cool or warm.

We also have air conditioning in our cars, the trend of the auto industry is also to change electric cars! This also uses a portable air conditioner to cool the room in the car, which is also powered by electricity. In addition to the heating in the car, especially the engine heat is used.


A small portable ac, which you need for personal use!

If you are looking for something that will cool your room for a few minutes, or yourself when working, cooking, learning, exercising ... Then we definitely recommend something that has neither high power consumption nor strong cooling, which causes colds and diseases.

We recommend natural air cooling with portable air conditioning, minimum power consumption and minimum utility bill. With other technologies, it is possible to cool the air and lower the temperature with clear water. Evaporative water removes heat from the air, lowering room temperature.

Portable air conditioner with only 10 watts of power, minimal power consumption, the best ratio of consumed and preserved. An effective reduction in summer air temperature is not a problem with this mini portable air conditioner.

This small portable air conditioner is ideal for office and desk work or in the kitchen, even in the living room, when you sit and watch a good movie. It can do its job effectively and efficiently.

Considering that instead of a large amount of electricity, only a few liters of water and a few cents are consumed, this small air conditioner is considered very energy efficient. This achieves the main objective of lowering the air temperature flowing through this small portable air conditioner. 


What is important to know about air conditioners?

It is important to know that this small portable air conditioner is ideal for your needs. However, if you are looking for something higher with higher consumption, a bit more expensive, but with lower temperatures, you should also consider purchasing an air conditioner with greater power.

A personal small portable air conditioner is ideal if you love and seek something natural, with minimal cost and power consumption. For personal use, this device is completely sufficient. However, if you want even cooler air, you can combine it with cooler water or even put ice in water.

In this way, the air flow through the unit is even cooler and the air temperature at the outlet of the small portable air conditioner with minimum consumption is kept even lower until better cooling results are achieved.

In addition to the low power consumption, it looks very simple and elegant and fits in any room. You can always carry it wherever you need it, and you can buy more than one portable air conditioner, depending on your needs and desires.

Ideal for pets, if you have a dog or a cat and want to cool it down in summer. Ideal for use without fear of cold as only natural technology is used to cool the air with the help of water energy.


Mini Personal Portable Air Conditioner


General to classic air conditioners, curiosities!

You have bought and installed an Air Conditioner in your house and have problems with it?


A C companies - The company that manufactures air conditioners, the company that installs the air conditioners, the company that maintains the air conditioners, make sure in advance that the unit is correct after installation and working fine. The key is, when the air conditioner is ready to use, you have to check that the air conditioner, is running and working fine and to cool the air on the riight way. This can be easily achieved by using different temperature measuring devices.


  • Most questions to air conditioner companys: Ac won't turn on, what now? Air conditioner won't turn on, need help!  My ac wont turn on, why wont my ac turn on? Air conditioner wont turn on, why wont my air conditioner turn on and so on!


The air conditioning does not turn on, what to do? If the small office air conditioner does not work, first check for a signal, and then check if the portable air conditioner is connected. Finally, check if there is any current in the socket, if the fuse is correct, and if there is electrical current in the line. You can check this with a digital voltmeter or with a simple power meter.


Is the small indoor air conditioner still not turning on? Check if the battery is in the remote control and try again. My air conditioning does not turn on. Why does not my air conditioner turn on? The air conditioner may not turn on for any other reason. For example, if the installer or air conditioning company made a mistake installing the air conditioner, ask the company that installed the air conditioner in your home to send a service technician. Check the air conditioner for possible malfunction.



The best small portable air conditioner



Exchange of permanently installed and portable air conditioners

Replace the air conditioner if you have a bill and guarantee, if it is a portable air conditioner, have it serviced, or ask the dealer to replace it with another if the air conditioner you received is broken or damaged is.


  • Most questions: How to replace an air conditioner? Replace air conditioner! Air conditioning replacement costs? Etc!
  • How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner? Average cost to replace air conditioner? Replace air conditioner cost? How to replace air conditioner? Cost to replace air conditioner?
  • Some other similar questions: How much to replace air conditoner? Replace air conditioner compressor? And much more!
  • Or some more questions: When to replace air conditioner? Cost to replace air conditioner compressor? How to replace air conditioner filter? Average cost to replace air conditioner? Air conditioning replacement costs… etc!


Replace the small portable, window ac, or classic ac, air conditioner even if you feel that the air conditioner is not working properly, if the cold air does not leak or if you can not measure the temperature change after turning on the air conditioner, or after installing the air conditioner the company that installed the air conditioner and sold it to you.


The costs for the replacement of the air conditioning are at the expense of the shop or supplier, if the device is defective. The cost of replacing the air conditioner may also be borne by the company that has sold or installed the defective air conditioner.


The cost of cleaning the air ducts are not high, the fixed or portable air conditioning, must be serviced once a year. As a rule, filters are cleaned or replaced as needed. This can be done by itself. This will save you money when servicing the air conditioner. Whatever you can do, just open the climate door and clean the air conditioning.



Personal small AC Unit



How much is the exchange of air conditioning?

The average cost of replacing an air conditioner depends on the reason for the exchange. If the cause is a minor malfunction, customer service can resolve it. If the reason is that the ac unit does not work for some unknown reason, you are certainly entitled to a guarantee and an invoice if you are looking for a service or replacement for another air conditioner.


How do I replace the air conditioning? Simply call the company that sold and installed your air conditioner, explain the reasons, and ask for more information about the replacement process. The cost of replacing the air conditioning system is usually borne by the company that installed or sold the air conditioning system to you.


Also, replace the air conditioning compressor or other defective part with your authorized service provider or the company from which you purchased the air conditioner.


You can also replace the central air conditioner for the duration of the warranty or arrange for a repair. If you repair your air conditioner, you will be entitled to replacement or repair during the warranty period in case of failure.


When does the air conditioner have to be replaced? The air conditioner must be replaced after years of use, as the cooling capacity decreases over time. The cost of replacing an air conditioning compressor is usually not expensive if you only need to replace it. This in turn is better than buying a new air conditioner.


Changing the air conditioning filter is very convenient and easy, you can easily do it yourself. The average cost of replacing an air conditioner depends primarily on the reason for the exchange and is between ten and several hundred dollars. In some cases, the cost of replacing the air conditioning system must be borne by the buyer. If the damage was intentionally caused by use, the company or the business will not pay for it.


Small portable air conditioner for office



Which air conditioning do I need?

What size of air conditioning do I need? The size or performance of the air conditioning depends primarily on your requirements. If you have more space to cool, you will need a larger and stronger air conditioning system. If you have purchased a portable air conditioner, the cost may be lower because the air conditioning does not need to be installed.


  • A few common customer questions: What size air conditioner do i need or why my ac is not turning on? My air conditioner is frozen?!? Cost for air conditioioning installation…. The definition of seer…?


  • More common questions: Cost of replacing air conditioner…. how much is a new ac unit…. replacing ac unit cost… cost of replacing ac unit…. air conditioning cost to install…. Etc…


The cost of installing air conditioning systems usually varies depending on many factors. If the air conditioner is in a high position or in a heavier installation, the cost of installing the air conditioner is slightly higher! If the conditions are appropriate, the cost of installing the air conditioner may be lower. Be sure to negotiate better prices with a retailer or company, and claim at least 10% off when you pay in cash.


The cost of installing an air conditioner in your home can certainly be lower. If you are a new buyer, you usually ask for a discount. Many stores offer you a discount of at least 5%, up to 10% for the first purchase.


Small Air Conditioner for Home



What else is important to know about classic air conditioners?


What is Freon? AC Freon or Freon for AC!


    Freon is a collective name for many types of gases used in refrigeration, household and industrial applications. The AC smell, as some call it, is non-flammable, colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.


    Common questions, important details: (freon is, ac smell, why wont my ac turn on, ac unit not turning on, cost to install air conditioning in a house, what is freon, ac freon, how much is freon etc…!


    Some other common word sin the Air Conditioner industry: (car freon, air conditioner freon, freon for ac, freon leak, freon cost, freon fo car, is freon dangerous, what is freon for ac, what does freon smell like… etc!


    More strange questions: (how to tell if freon is low in ac car, does freon leak when ac is off, does freon smell, why does my ac smell like gas, car ac smells, why does my car ac smell, why does my ac smell, smell from car ac, freon smell…..!


    Some more: (Bad smell from ac! Smell coming from ac! Smell from ac! Car ac smell! Bad smell from car ac! Burning smell from ac! Why wont my ac compressor turn on? Etc….!


    The air conditioning works with freon henau as the freezer. Freon costs and is not cheap, Auto Freon also has its uses. How does Freon smell? Freon usually has no smell!


    How do I know if Freon is weak in the car? If you feel the car air conditioner is not cooling the car as well as you used to, then you know it's time for service.


    Why does my air conditioner smell like gas? Sometimes air conditioners can smell strange while working. This usually happens for a variety of reasons: moisture, climate filters, microorganisms, water, dust and more.

    More about freon!



    The Best Personal Air Cooler AC for Home and Office



    What do you have to consider when using the air conditioner?

    Whether you are using a small portable air conditioner, window air conditioner, or ceiling / wall conditioner. The goal of any air conditioning system is to lower the indoor temperature of the room with the help of freon gas.


    Classical standard air conditioning units have a relatively high consumption, industrial air conditioning units, office air conditioners, building refrigeration systems and more that consume even more power.


    For household air conditioners, make sure that you do not overload your domestic installation. You must pay attention to the rating of the fuse when the number of amperes is less than 16A or 10A, and the air conditioner is high in power and consumes considerably more.


    Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the installation of the corresponding fuse and the quality of the installation to which the air conditioner is connected.


    It is also important to note that all the best air conditioners are generally not healthy because they are unnatural! Cooling a room can have a negative impact on the human body, it can get cold, and you can get sick, you can get encephalitis if you are standing under the air conditioner or your hair is damp after bathing.


    It is also not advisable or healthy to go to sleep and run the air conditioner in the same room, or worse, blowing cold air right into your body. Avoid using the air conditioner with the lowest temperature settings. Always set the room temperature as the main objective for the operation of the air conditioner.


    New air conditioners are very smart. If you set a room temperature of 22 degrees for them, they will automatically adjust the power and volume of the air circulation to reach the temperature you set. You can use IoT to control you modern air conditioner.


    As soon as the air conditioner or the air conditioner thermostat detects the room temperature and the temperature you set, the air conditioner will continue to run but the cooling system will be switched off and the circulating air heats up slightly. After the air conditioner has detected an increase in temperature, it will switch back on to lower the indoor temperature in the room or in the office.


    As an intelligent air conditioning system, it can even be operated continuously with less circulation and air volume. In this way, the air conditioner operates continuously and constantly maintains the desired room temperature.


    Smallest Portable Air Conditioner


    Conclusion for classic air conditioners!

    Let's face it, having an window air conditioner, or a classic portable air conditioner, in the house is a luxury, air conditioning costs a lot of money, installing an air conditioner costs a lot of money, then you still have to maintain the air conditioning and power consumption, the electricity you consume you pay all the time.


    Since standard ac units / air conditioners cost a lot, portable ac units also cost a lot of money! For these reasons, the air conditioning is considered a luxury because not all people on earth can afford air conditioning at home and this would not be technically feasible due to the enormous power consumption.


    A house that is not isolated and not energy efficient is hard to heat! The same house is also hard to cool! For this reason, it is important that you check the insulation of your home before purchasing a standard air conditioner or a air conditioning unit.


    It will be more worthwhile to invest money in the insulation of your home than to buy a standard wall or room air conditioner, which is a huge expense. The insulation saves you heating and cooling.


    The first logical step is an energy efficient house, a low energy house.


    A standard air conditioner is not the ideal solution for everyone! An alternative room cooling is very difficult to achieve without high power consumption and high additional costs. But when natural effects are used, it is possible to lower the room temperature with minimal micro-consumption.


    Although the cooling effect is not the same as that of a standard 2000W or 3000W air conditioner, the results obtained with just 10W make this unit a very revolutionary small mini portable air conditioner for personal use.


    The portable ac unit „Magic Air Cooler“ itself is inexpensive and consumes very little power, and the room temperature is cooled by the natural water effect. The circulation of air through a magical air conditioning system causes a natural and healthy temperature reduction of several degrees.


    The only costs that are still incurred are some water and the internal filter needs to be changed every 2 to 3 months. The internal replacement filter serves as an energy source between water and air. The colder the water, the stronger the cooling effect of the mini portable air conditioner or magic air cooler.


    The Best Small AC Unit



    What are the other advantages of a small air conditioner?

    It is well known to everyone that if we have two different liquids in two different vessels with different temperatures, filling them into a larger container, we will get a different water temperature.


    For example, if we pour a glass of hot water into a large pan and then a glass of cold water, the result of the experiment will be that after mixing the two liquids the temperature will be balanced to an average and it will no longer be hot or cold, but something like warm water.


    By circulating the air through the mini air conditioner unit, we can lower the air temperature with the same effect. Water releases its energy into the air, naturally lowering the temperature. In this way and with this simple method and simple technique, we can reduce the air temperature in the room by up to several degrees, and if we use colder water or ice water, it is possible to lower the air temperature even over 5 to 10 degrees.


    • The principle is simple: For example, if the air temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and the water we have poured into a small portable climate is 20 degrees, the air temperature will drop by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius! If the water is colder and has a temperature of 15 degrees, the cooling effect is higher, so that the air temperature can be lowered by 4 or even 5 degrees Celsius.


    • If the water is iced, z. B. a bottle of water is placed in the freezer or a refrigerator and the water temperature is 5 degrees Celsius, the air temperature can be reduced to even lower temperatures with the magic air cooler.


    The benefits are many. The only downside is that you occasionally need to add some water to the mini personal portable air conditioner every 8 hours. The natural cooling effect with minimum cost and minimum consumption is guaranteed with this magic mini portable ac.


    Easy to use AC unit


    What are the alternatives?

    An alternative is to buy and use a classic fan that only compresses the same air on one side and the other side at a higher speed. The cooling effect is minimal or nonexistent since the temperature of the air entering the fan is at the same temperature as the air exiting the fan.


    Air cooling effect not reached! The natural wind effect is popular, but just like a standard high-energy air conditioner, fans have a power consumption of 50 to 200 W with minimal cooling effects.


    In addition, it should be noted that the fans are also not healthy, especially when you go to sleep, and because wind feel to your body, it is possible to cool down your skin in some other way, to get cold, to feel sick.


    There are other air cooling techniques, but they also cost a lot of money, and are expensive. Therefore, this small portable air conditioner is the best option for home use or for your desk at work. If you are looking for a cheap air conditioner! If you love natural cooling, this mini small, magical, portable air conditioner may be the ideal solution for you.


    Magic Air Cooler vs Ventilator



    Interested in an air conditioner?


    In general, each air conditioner consists of two parts, an inner and an outer part. Outside there is a compressor and a condenser. Inside is an evaporator. The indoor and outdoor units of modern air conditioning systems are connected to copper pipes through which freon gas flows, all pipes are insulated.


    Air conditioners are divided by: air conditioners for home use, including apartments and houses. These air conditioners for commercial use, shops, offices, restaurants ...


    The installation of the air conditioning system takes place outside and inside the building, with the inner part hanging from the wall of the room where it is to be cooled, while the outer part is hanging outside the building and the room. The outside of the air conditioning system is used for heat transfer to the outside, both parts are interconnected by gas lines and electrical cables.


    There are also systems with an outer part and two inner parts, which are all connected to each other. Each indoor unit has its own remote control and can be individually adjusted to the desired operating temperature. The sum of the interior parts of the air conditioning system corresponds to the performance of the outside part of the air conditioning system.


    There are also systems with one outer part and three inner parts. It is also possible to set each inner part separately to the desired temperature, and it is possible that only the one you have selected will work according to your wishes and needs.


    There are also air conditioners with one outer part and four inner parts. In this way it is possible to have four separate air conditioners in four different rooms. This concept saves money, because instead of buying four air conditioners individually, you buy a system with four interior parts and only one larger outdoor unit.


    This way, you can save a lot of money because you do not have to buy the exterior four times!


    Mini Fan Air Conditioner


    The interior of the air conditioning


    Most buy classic wall air conditioners, they are used in homes, offices, rooms and more, have the lowest price, easy wall mounting and are very easy to maintain.


    Next to the wall there is a duct air conditioner! It is used for installation in larger buildings such as offices, banks, hotels, warehouses and the like. The biggest difference is the even distribution of cooled air through a system distributed and disseminated through ducts installed in the ceiling or wall.


    The even distribution of cooled air or heat throughout the plant is an advantage of duct air conditioners.


    The cluster air conditioning is also used in various facilities such as offices, hotels, schools and much more. It is usually used where the ceiling is lowered and a larger and stronger cooling or space heating is required.


    In addition to all types of air conditioning systems, there are also ceiling air conditioners! They are installed in the ceiling and used in larger rooms where larger areas need to be cooled, with more exhaust air and air circulation such as in shops or shopping centers.


    Cool Cooler Humidifier Purifier


    Air conditioning cooling effect


    • The cooling effect of the air conditioner is expressed in kW or BTU / h! A BTU / h = 0.293 W power.
    • The cooling rate is between 18 and 27 degrees and outside about 35 degrees!
    • The cooling effect depends on the performance of all air conditioners, whether on the wall, portable, small or large.
    • The performance of the air conditioning system ranges from 2.1 kW, 2.6 kW, 3.5 kW, 5.3 kW to 7.0 kW.
    • The power consumption of each air conditioner during cooling or heating is expressed in kW.
    • Each air conditioner has its own energy class that indicates energy efficiency.
    • There are 7 energy efficiency classes in total. The best choice is A, then B, C, D, E, F, and G.
    • Energy efficiency shows the relationship between power consumption and the power achieved.
    • Portable air conditioners and fixed installations generate a certain amount of airflow.
    • The airflow of all air conditioners is measured in m3 / h and the noise level is expressed in dB (A).
    • The interior and exterior of the air conditioning have their individual length, width and height.
    • The inside and outside of the air conditioner have their own weight expressed in kg.
    • Air conditioners use the environmentally friendly free gas known as R32, R410A or R407C
    • Freons are the gases we use in every air conditioner. The best known are R12 and R22
    • Freon is non-flammable, non-toxic (R32 ...), tasteless and odorless.


    Ammonia and methyl chloride are no longer used in air conditioning systems to protect the ozone layer and stop global warming since 2006. If the air conditioner is not installed properly, gas will leak from the unit and the air conditioner must be checked and serviced regularly.


    The control of each air conditioning is done by remote control. Frequently switching the air conditioner on and off can lead to higher power consumption. Therefore, the device must always be set well, so it can work continuously with the least possible ignition and shutdown.


    Super Fast Cooling Efect


    Temperature control for air conditioners


    Small portable air conditioners, but even these larger ones have a built-in heat sensor. The air conditioner runs at all times until a preset room temperature is reached. When turning on the air conditioner, always make sure that the windows are closed, otherwise the air conditioner will not be able to effectively cool the interior.


    You can set the temperature directly on portable air conditioners or with a landline remote. The bigger the room you want to cool, the bigger and stronger the air conditioning should be! If you have more rooms that you want to cool, you will need air conditioning with more interior parts.


    The cooling effect of the air conditioner is achieved by circulating gas in the outdoor and indoor units of the individual air conditioners. If you have a portable air conditioner, then inside and outside are integrated into one, warm air then has to be expelled through a window or wall by means of a pipe.


    Small air conditioner



    The principle of operation of a classic air conditioning system


    The cooling effect of the air conditioning system is achieved by the circulation of the coolant within the cycle of the air conditioning system itself.


    This liquid gets into the evaporator from the inside or from the indoor unit. When it flows through the system, evaporation occurs, which requires heat. The air conditioning system extracts this heat from the room and converts it into cold air through the heat exchanger.


    After the fluid has passed the inside of the room air conditioner, the outside of the air conditioner comes into a gaseous state through a pipe, where it passes through the compressor of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. The function of the compressor is to extract heat from the fluid, to increase the temperature and pressure, and to get back into the liquid through the condenser.


    An important condensation process generates internal heat that reaches the outside of the air conditioning system, which is conducted into the room by a condenser. After the condenser with the liquefied liquid has lowered the temperature and the pressure, it re-enters the interior of the air conditioning system through the evaporator and thus repeats the process.


    The condenser and the evaporator are heat exchangers made of copper pipes, through which a working substance flows through aluminum fins, the task of which is to enlarge the surface to change the temperature and thus to increase the heat exchange.


    On the outside of the air conditioning system we have a fan with the evaporator and the condenser, which has the task of transferring the temperature and the heat of the device to the outside. Every air conditioner can heat a specific room.


    The principle is very simple, the heating and cooling system is similar, with the exception that the evaporator in the case of internal heating in cycle operation becomes the condenser and the condenser in the outside area of ​​the air conditioning system becomes the evaporator.


    The outside is cooled and the inside of the room air passes through the indoor unit into the heat of condensation. Air conditioning systems with inverters reach the desired temperature in a much shorter time. With the help of a variable compressor and a power control, the room temperature is changed by the termostat.


    At the beginning of every air conditioning system, high performance and a longer operating time are required to reach the desired interior temperature. Once the desired interior temperature is reached, very little power is required to maintain that temperature.


    This saves a lot of energy and time when heating and cooling a specific room, with the inverter playing a very important role in the air conditioning system, making any air conditioning system much more efficient with advanced electronics and a high quality compressor.


    The maintenance of classic wall-mounted air conditioners with indoor and outdoor units is important in order to leave them to an authorized and professional company. Do not service the air conditioner yourself if you do not know what to do. You can only clean the filter if necessary.


    Occasionally, cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner is not difficult or complicated, you can simply remove the air conditioner's internal filter and clean it with water. The filter is an important component and is used to purify the air, resulting in higher quality and cleaner air at the air conditioning outlet.


    The air conditioning system filter must be cleaned every year as it can be very dirty due to dirt and dust. Cleaning the filter gives you cleaner air and more efficient air conditioning, as the air flow is also increased.


    Icy Portable Cooler - Smallest Portable Air Conditioner


    The smallest portable air conditioner


    If you're looking for a portable small desk air conditioner that pays off quickly, you've come to the right place! Better performance with significantly higher energy savings than conventional air conditioning systems. Portable mini air conditioner are very popular when the heat sets in in summer. Bigger is not always better, "icy portable cooler".



    Although most have central air conditioning, there are a large number of households in temperate and cold climates that do not have central air conditioning because they simply do not have much need for it.


    In such cases, a small ac unit, or a portable small air conditioner are the best solution. Ideal for smaller rooms and less heat, but also for midsummer when you need the right cooling! They offer very adequate room and person cooling with minimal costs and very simple maintenance, the best air cooler on the market.


    They are significantly cheaper than central air conditioning systems and use much less electricity. They are not as effective as classic air conditioners, but they are very convenient to use and can be transported to the room of your choice.


    Depending on various factors such as air humidity, sunlight, sunlight, climate zone, etc., a small portable air conditioner can be used very comfortably and in smaller rooms according to your wishes.


    If you want to feel good, you don't need an expensive central air conditioning system. You can also relax with a portable mini air conditioner to make the room ideal and comfortable. There is no excessive consumption of electricity, you do not get sick, clean your air with filters and protect nature and the environment.




    Advantages of buying a mini personal portable air conditioner


    The small portable mini air conditioner takes up much less space, is very easy to transport, consumes significantly less electricity and saves a lot of money. It is very practical and efficient for use in the bedroom, office or smaller rooms.


    You have found the best small electric air conditioner, it works very quietly, it uses very little, you can use it in many different rooms for different purposes. If you have a larger room or want more cooling, we recommend using two units and combining the power as needed.


    This mini air conditioner is ideal for smaller rooms, very light, easy to maintain, quiet, inexpensive and not expensive. You don't have to pay for expensive installations, drill walls or renovate a house after installation. Installation is very easy and quick.


    Connect it to a power source via a USB port, a television, computer, laptop, battery, socket or other device. Add a little water into the small portable ac, adjust the strength and let the air circulate and the air conditioning system works.


    You feel a significant cooling in front of the device itself, because during operation the heat is transferred from the room, the water absorbs the external heat through the filter and condenses with water, which effectively lowers the air temperature in the room.


    Very small size, light weight, natural and fresh air cooling with minimal electricity consumption and small electricity bills. Very strong airflow in a few minutes, which cools even smaller rooms without any problems.


    This cheap portable small air conditioner is ideal for any home. The ratio of invested and received costs is very large, with minimal costs, minimal effort and maximum return on investment. It is also one of the smallest portable mini air conditioner in the world.


    It's easy to connect and easy to use and handle! Place it in the middle of the room or on a desk in your office at work, turn it on immediately and it will work right away, a very good office air conditioner. This small portable air conditioner can be operated 365 days a year without interruption as it has a long lifespan.


    All you have to do is change the filter occasionally or clean it and pour more water into the tank of the portable mini air conditioner if necessary. Its main advantage is efficiency and very low consumption. You can easily transfer it and place it in the room of your choice as it is very light.




    Why is it good to have a portable small air conditioner?

    When it's hot, this portable mini air conditioner keeps you cool where you need it most. High flexibility, different performance levels, very easy installation and easy use at any desired location.


    New and modern technologies ensure comfortable use. Thanks to the built-in LED lighting that adds an extra touch to this tiny portable air conditioner, you can change the light color at will.


    This small portable ac unit will safe you a lot of money, this magic air cooler is one of the smallest portable air conditioner in the world! Small portable air cooler for your home, office, apartment.


    No other air conditioner can match the energy efficiency of this portable small air conditioner. This cheap small air conditioner uses very little electricity, is ideal for smaller rooms and offers enough cooling capacity for summer days.


    Volume, price of the device, easy installation, minimal power consumption, superior technology, perfect look and design are some of the advantages of this mini air conditioner. Cool home, apartment, office, bedroom, living room ... at minimal cost.


    There is a built-in filter in the air conditioning system „mini portable ac“ that removes dirt and dust from the room air and makes breathing very pleasant. The filter is easy to wash and very easy to care for. If necessary, it can be replaced with a new filter after some time.


    With various settings you can set the desired and required work volume. The evaporation of water lowers the air temperature in every room with minimal energy consumption. There are no dangerous chemicals like in classic air conditioning systems, no expensive installations, no expensive air conditioning system maintenance.


    This is a very affordable model of a portable mini air conditioner that gives you everything you need to cool down on hot summer days. Due to its small size, this device takes up very little space, is easy to maintain and can be easily transported to the desired location.


    In the long run, this is the perfect solution for your needs if you are looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive solution. Lower the room temperature, increase your personal comfort and cool with minimal costs, with the best portable small air conditioner.


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